Nutrition / Food

  It's not just what you do but what you put in you.

Healthier Favorites - muffins, bars, balls

Reduced sugar and fat, higher protein

Minis - smaller versions of your favorite indulgences

All are homemade!

Healthier Favorites - I will post calories and / or nutrition information at a later date.

Super Bran Muffins - 163 cal, $22/doz

Bran Bites - $12/doz

Fruit & Nut Oatmeal Bars - 200 cal, $24/doz

Pumpkin Chip Muffins - 150 cal, $22/doz

Oatmeal Protein Energy Balls - 61 cal, $12/doz

Lemon Coconut Energy Balls - 60 cal, $12/doz


Chocolate Cake -  $12/doz pieces (~1" X 1")

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies - $12/doz

Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies - $12/doz

Dark Chocolate - $5/100g

Freshly Baked Muffins