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Personal Training

Lose Weight

Build Muscle


Improve Flexibility

In home consultation

Covid protocols in place

This is a popular trend in fitness today. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve flexibility or just want to trim and tone, a program customized to you will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance and ability in no time.

Who is it for?  Anyone can use a personal trainer, it helps your reach your goals and do it safely as well as helping you stay on track.  Suitable for new moms, older adults or anyone wanting to improve their fitness.

I am an experienced and certified personal trainer.  As a person in her 50's, I understand the challenges of getting and staying fit as we age.

My program Includes personal training, learning fitness movements and proper form, orientation to the weight room or a combination.  Geared to your fitness level and interests.  Sessions and programs customized to you.

Bring a friend and save money.

* The gym is not a requirement, I can come to you.

** I have covid protocols in place and options such as Zoom, Teams or Facetime


Single client - $45 / 1-hour session

$40 each for 10 sessions

Multiple clients - additional $25 / hour (up to 3)

You do not have to commit to multiple sessions like you would at most gyms; do one at a time if that's what works for you.

Training tailored to your interests, abilities and location.